Zieloeson Snapdragon


Ch. Human Dogs Salma Hayek
We'd love to inform you that on 11.03.2011 was born two lovely puppies on our kennel - boy and girl.



Zieloeson Snapdragon Tillcarr Renegade Flame Crashkon Boot Strap Bill Valglo Albertini
Crashkon Swing Out Sister
Tillcarr Firerock Crashkon Baileys
Pitstar Dark Angel of Tillcarr
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Valglo Caristia
Ain´t She a Dream at Razzlestaff Crashkon What a Cracker
Sister Sledge
Ch. Human Dogs Salma Hayek Valglo Albertini Ch. Vanoric Voo Doo Ch. Sparstaff Dodgy Docker
Ch. Jamarvins Famme Fatale of Vanoric
Valglo Avensis Ch. Valglo Lancer
Valglo Cascade
Int. Ch. La Ola Daffodil Yellow Int. Ch. York House Marksman Ch. Vanoric Voo Doo
Toscam Moonbeam
Int. Ch. Azure Annemone vom Beauty Domicil Ch. Wyrefare Cartier Bensolo
Ch. Cheerstaff Covergirl

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