When at the year 1974 I have started my adventure with the cynology I felt, it will suck me in and I was right.
On my way there were such breeds as deutsche dogge,english cocer spaniel and Dalmatians.
I was lucky and I had so called sharp eye, which dog to choose. My dogs were coming from people, who were remarkable experts and they have been selecting very carefully their breeding material. They were taking care of the puppies and giving them only to the people who will be putting them out.

My english cocer spaniel was coming from England and was very successful on the exhibitions inside and outside Poland, what at that time was not easy thing because of the difficulties with going abroad. The same was with the Dalmatians, which have been accompanying me from the year 1983. There were times, when on the ring there were simultaneously 20 beautiful dogs and bitches. If in such a bid my bitch had won my emotions have been reaching the top.

But life is crucial and when my most nominated bitch POLA Hindi Lady have been stolen my whole cynologian world collapsed. I decided to part with my hobby and to fling into work. Still my thoughts were about dogs.

At the year 2001 my heart deeply moved to certain puppy and I became the owner of then dog, properly owner of the Staffordshire bull terrier called Dirty Dancing from the breed Daffodil Yellow of Mrs. Alexandra Lonova. Once more I was lucky because Mrs. Alexandra is a brilliant cynologian with the great knowledge. She is also very pleasant and nice woman.
Danny, the common name for my new friend, turned out an excellent puppy, who grown up for a outstanding dog and now he is splendidly representing his breed.

He won a title of Young Champion and than Champion of Poland. He got many times CACIB, CWC, Best Dog and BOB. He won many prestigious expositions i.e. "Bulliada" in 2003 in Zaniemysl and "Bundessiger" in Tulln receiving tittle of Austrain Winner.
Year 2004 began with the strong accent because Danny won CWC and Best Dog on the exhibition of the Champions in Leszno, CAC & R.CACIB on the exhibition in Graz /Austria/. In Zagrzeb in Croatia during one weekend gained two CACIB's and BOB's.

Danny has a few wives and many children, to whom he is giving his beauty, strength and excellent character. Staffords are dogs who really pull on and that are why at the end of 2003 my breed went further.
Danny has a girlfriend with beautiful Spanish name LAOLA from the breed of Mrs. Alexandra obviously.
The bitch is a daughter of the great Spanish dog CH. YORK HOUSE MARKSMAN the son of famous CH. VANORIC VOO DOO.
Temperament of that small creature is truly Spanish - cannot be described - you have to see it!

I think that couple - Danny and LAOLA contribute to the breed of Staffordshire bull terrier not only in Poland but also in New Europe, and that a "HUMAN DOGS" breed will be giving away to their puppies the wonderful exterior and leading psyche.

Every fancier of the Staffords I invite to visit via internet my web side.of my or to contact with me directly by the way of the exhibiton.
Best regards            
   Miroslaw Janasz